Windows 10 Gamer Edition Enterprise x64 20H2 May 2021 Team-LiL torrent download

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Windows 10 Gamer Edition x64 2004 20H2 En-Us May 2021 Team-LiL


Manufacturer lil-fella (Team-LiL)

Windows 10 Digital License Activation


Clear the automatic activation of the CMD activation document and installation.

if you find that it did not work

make sure you are online and not behind the VPN

goto system control panel and click activate windows

and wait for it to turn on. maybe even click to resolve

already has Windows Store and Edge Browser

Added to construction

Microsoft Windows Updates

Microsoft System –

Features of the legacy game of legacy games

Re-distributed Microsoft XNA system

Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005-2019 (x86 x64)

Direct 9-12

K-lite mega

WinRAR x64

Addition of a good game


Winaero Tweaker

You know

Open the Start menu Shell + Extra Skins

UltraUX Bad Theme

Additional topics

Portable equipment (C drive)

Blue screen view x64

CPU-Z 196

Double driver

Host File Editor +158


Nvidia Reviewer

Special Sys

WhatInStartup x64


Power of Wifi

A pre-set Power Plan for Performance


Cortana, telemetry


Standard UI – Enable Classic Action Center UI

Figure user interface – Enable standard battery interface

Normal UI – Enable the default calendar interface

Normal UI – Enable standard UI level

Normal UI – Enable normal Windows Photo Viewer

Context menu – Enable notebook to open nfo files

Browser – Disable ads and notifications

Browser – Disable user monitoring

Browser – Add icon box to 4 MB

Browser – Start in a different process

Modern User Interface – Application – Cortana is disabled

Modern User Interface – Usage – Cortana Disable web browsing

Modern User Interface – Applications – Onedrive disables integration

Modern UI – Reduce the shutdown speed for modern UI usage

Modern User Interface – Reduce the screen lock distance

Start menu – Disable recently added apps

Start menu – Disable the proposed UI application suggestions

System – Disable data measurement limit

System – Enable large system cache

System – Enhanced Disk Time Expression (5 seconds)

System – Improved shutdown speed

System – Improving Windows shell response

System – Reduce delay in launching desktop startup programs

Taskbar – Increase transparency

Features removed / turned off

3D Builder

3D Printing

3D Viewer

Modern User Design – Bing Money

Modern Ui – food and drink

Modern user interface – health and balance

Modern user interface – Bing News

Modern Ui – Bing Games

Modern User Design – Bing Transport

Modern Ui – climate


System (people)

My people

One message

Colors in 3D


3D Printing

Retail demo


Windows Phone

Your phone

Zune Music

Video Zune


OneDrive files are required

Save OneDrive backup online

Shared user experience and telemetry

Services are disabled

User experience linked to telemetry – prohibited

Post a trophy

telephone service

Printer support services

Post a workflow service

Unexpected OOBE automatically (processed)

Local administrator account

Enterone by one

username = PLAYER

password = PLAYER

Automatic file monitoring information

select a language at the beginning of the configuration

select the place to install the computer disk

wait for installation.

The GAMER area administrator account is automatically created

should enter the desktop automatically after installation

Authors: for activation certificate

WindowsAddict Microsoft activation script

ISOIMAGE = GB esd compression used

MD5 = E6B3FBEAE5151CC3E60770B8BA3263BF

SHA-1 = 8863B7026832F3BA41B90A01B70C086A3BD65F24

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