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Agent Ransack is a tool to find files on your PC or network drives. It has a simple mode, which is FREE for personal and commercial use, and a pro mode which includes additional paid features.

First released in April 2000, the Agent Ransack desktop search application has been helping people find files for over 20 years.

Here are some of the powerful features available

Immediate results

The found text is displayed with the keywords highlighted, so you don’t have to waste time opening each file looking for the information you need.

Boolean expressions

Combine search terms using the familiar AND, OR, NOT logical operators.

Desktop formats

Support for popular Office formats including Office 2010 and OpenOffice.

Perl Regular Expression

Support for Perl-compatible regular expressions.

64 bit version

64-bit version compiled for better compatibility.

Rapid search

Thanks to highly efficient search algorithms, you spend less time waiting for results.

Print and export

Results can be shared with other users via reports, printing and exporting.

Corporate version

For the corporate environment, we have a softer Agent Ransack brand called FileLocator Lite. It’s still free, but has a different name. See the FileLocator Lite page for more information.

limited release

A locked down version of Agent Ransack is available for environments where the end user is not allowed to search on their local PC. Please contact sales for more information.

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